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About the Programme

All leaders are subject to pressure, because pressure is the demand for performance.  Some people welcome pressure, it brings out the best in them.  No one however enjoys stress, because when stressed our mental and physical resources become overwhelmed, and the demands become intolerable. Managing the fine balance between performing under pressure and becoming stressed is the capacity called resilience. It is a quality we call on every day to help us deal with situations which ask that we are flexible, and it is a quality we particularly need when dealing with setback and challenge.  Resilient leadership is designed to help you understand and better manage your own resilience so that you can manage yourself and those you lead.

What will you need?

Before you begin you will need to purchase a notebook or journal. We recommend you choose one that has a picture or colour that has some personal meaning to you. This will be your learning log.

If you wish to make notes, then a separate notebook will be required.


Session 2: Unpicking Resilient Leadership

  • Getting beneath the surface of resilience to identify all the key contributors
  • Assessing your own resilience against the key contributors
  • Recognising the importance of context to your resilience level
  • Identifying the 3 key energy sources that resilient leaders call on

Session 3: Physical Resilience

  • How sleep, good nutrition and exercise support good brain functioning
  • The science of exercise and the best sorts of exercise to support resilience
  • How the foods we eat affect the brain we bring to our work
  • Understanding how we can create the conditions to allow us good quality sleep

Session 4: Mental Energy

  • The 4 purposes that in alignment support resilience
  • Focussing rather than diffusing mental energy
  • Challenging distorted thinking
  • Learning to think like an Olympian

Session 5: Emotional Energy

  • The importance of optimism to resilience
  • Assessing your level of hope
  • Increasing the positive to negative emotions ratio for business benefit
  • How mindfulness supports emotional energy
  • The power of support
  • Rebalancing to retain resilience

Session 6: Team and Organisational Resilience

  • The resilience chain that links resilience at the top of the organisation to the resilience of team members
  • Understanding what resilience means at an organisational level
  • The contributors to organisational resilience
  • The contributors to resilience at team level
  • Assessing your team’s resilience