About the Programme

With the pace of life and work and the demands on our brains of huge amounts of information and responses through technology advances, people feel under more pressure and stress. At the same time, organisations now have to achieve more with less the requirements to be focused, calm and productive are eroding. Stop! Mindfulness is a way of bringing balance back into life and helps individuals feel more valued and able to cope.

What will you need?

Before you begin you will need to purchase a notebook or journal. We recommend you choose one that has a picture or colour that has some personal meaning to you. This will be your learning log.

If you wish to make notes, then a separate notebook will be required.


Session 1: Mindfulness at work

Session 1 Introduces you to mindfulness – what it is and how it works
• Trying mindfulness for yourself
• How to stay focused
• How to stay calm when everything around you is not